Andrea Doyle

It’s time we started to manage workplace conflict better

Andrea Doyle is the owner of DOYLE Solutions. She is a speaker, author, workplace mediator, conflict manager and trainer. Andrea specialises in helping employers manage workplace conflict well and in 95{98d92cdab8a8acf3e9093b9ac945944b3b1762241395c2465c75a61481f6c5be} of her mediations, participants leave agreeing on how they will work together. Andrea has spoken about conflict, managed conflict and trained others in conflict management and still gets a buzz from seeing people develop their conflict management skills. Andrea believes that by developing our conflict management capability, we can become confident and empowered to better manage ourselves and others next time we are in conflict. Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, is an experienced Human Resource manager and conflict management trainer, is a certified practitioner with the Australian HR Institute (CAHRI) and a nationally accredited mediator in Australia. Andrea is also a member of the Mediator Panel for Queensland’s Department of Justice and Attorney-General. Andrea presented at the Australian National Mediation Conference in 2016 and is regularly invited to present to Human Resource managers and practitioners at networking events. Andrea has shared her knowledge and experience in her book, From Conflict to Consensus: Managing Workplace Conflict Well, published in 2016. Her book takes readers through an easy-to-follow process to manage workplace conflict.

Andrea is also the owner of Maisy, an energetic, beach-loving, people-loving, food-loving Jack Russell dog.