is an experienced in-house lawyer and ADR practitioner. She is also a visiting lecturer in Intellectual Property (IP) at Judicial Academic of Vietnam. With a Bachelor degree in banking and finance, and Master degree in law, Do Thanh Thuy has substantial academic knowledge and practical expertise across all areas of IP and commercial law.

She successfully formed her own firm, Advantis Consultancy Company Ltd., in 2011. Her legal experiences including litigation/ADR are as follows:

Copyright: publishing, music, software, architecture, art, music/film-video, virtual worlds

Trademark: prosecution, litigation/ADR, and licensing-franchising

Trade Secrets: counseling, litigation/ADR, and licensing International trade and distribution/licensing relationships;

Currently, as Head of Legal for TH Group – a famous Corporation in Vietnam, she also mediates disputes involving commercial contracts, distribution, investment, labor and real estate matters.