Jan Jung-Min Sunoo

Jan worked for 24 years (1987-2002 and 2009-2011) with the US Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, International Department as a Federal Mediator in the US mediating hundreds of labor disputes and training thousands of management and union representatives in better work practices. As a Federal Mediator, Jan advised and worked with management and the unions of such major companies as Bechtel, Adidas, the Gap, Nike, Boeing, Disneyland, Kaiser Permanente and hundreds of other companies in the public and federal sectors. He pioneered numerous complex year long negotiations between the US Government and Tribal organizations on Indian Self-Determination and Indian Housing Regulations and for the US Housing and Urban Development agency as well.  The successful initial model of interest based regulatory negotiations has since been adopted by the US Government as the preferred method of negotiations for complex multiparty negotiations for all following tribal and other complex regulatory negotiations. He has also led other complex multi-party negotiations to develop a Fire Safety Plan for San Diego Gas and Electric Company and its multiple stakeholders.

Jan has worked with labor ministries and NGOs in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Indonesia in the capacity of a Federal Mediator (U.S.) and as a labor expert of the International Labour Organization.