Jim Cyngler

Listening with Heart and Mind

A Mediator, a Conflict and Communication Specialist, Principal Instructor under NMAS and Barrister, Jim Cyngler regularly trains participants in Mediation, Conflict Management and Compassionate Listening both in Australia and overseas. Understanding conflict has become a key area of his expertise and enables him to work with and assist people experiencing deeply emotional or high conflict. Jim has been actively involved in community capacity building for 25 years through his role as Chairman and Board member of several community organisations. His role has often involved a process of facilitating difficult and complex decision making. It has always involved an expansion in the skill and capability of the organisation or community. Since 2011Jim has used these skills in peacebuilding and community development within Aboriginal Communities. Understanding conflict and assisting people to make their own decisions through self-determination has become a key area of his expertise enabling Jim to work with and assist people who are in ‘high conflict’ and feel disempowered and alienated. Much of this conflict management work is done prior to any formal proceedings or alongside formal proceedings. The purpose of this work is to develop decision making and engagement skills within individuals and communities so as to build community engagement and capacity. Jim was admitted to Practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria and in the High Court of Australia on 1 April 1976. He signed the Victorian Bar Roll on 25 September 1979. He was accredited as a mediator by the Victorian Bar in March 1993 under the Victorian Bar’s Mediator Accreditation Scheme. He is a highly experienced mediator. Jim was then accredited as an Advanced Mediator by LEADR in 1997 and is a Fellow of IAMA and the Resolution Institute. In 2009 he was awarded an Order of Australian Medal (OAM) for services to the community.