Pia Deleuran

Ideas how to convince lawyers and others that knowledge of mediation is part of the toolbox in the future – inspirations from Copenhagen, Denmark

Attorney and mediator Pia Deleuran, cand. jur et art.

Pia is born in 1960 and has a background in law and education in Copenhagen University.

She has practiced as an attorney in the family owned law office for more than 25 years and offered mediation since 1996 and has been appointed as a court mediator  from 2003 – 2007. She has trained 10 {98d92cdab8a8acf3e9093b9ac945944b3b1762241395c2465c75a61481f6c5be} of the Danish 6000 lawyers and been involved in setting up the training curriculum back in 2002.

Pia is travelling around the world and use art, songs and literature to convince that human dialog is a way forward as well as mediation is. Mediation in the shadow of a fair legislation.