Professor Chang Hee Won

Dispute Resolution Systems and Practices in Korea.

Chang Hee Won is working as a professor for Koreatech University, located in Gwangju, Gyeonggido, Korea. He is a vice president of Korea Association of Mediators(KAM) and also a vice president of Korea Association of Mediation and Arbitration(KAMA). He serves as a mediator for Seoul Central District Court and Seoul Family Court. He is a member of mediation committee at Gyeonggi Labor Relations Commission. He is teaching Negotiation and Mediation at Koreatech University and Industrial Relations at Ajou University. He published several books including Understanding of Negotiation and Mediation(Hangook Culture Publisher, 2016, Korean), Understanding of Conflict Resolution(Hangook Culture Publisher, 2012, Korean), and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Learning by Case Study(Easy Books, 2009, Korean).