Sibylle Ouwerx

Process Communication Model and Mediation

Sibylle Ouwerx (1963) is Belgian. She started her career as a lawyer in 1986 in Brussels in Tournai until 1999 when the postings of her husband brought her, with her family of six, to live abroad in Hungary, the USA and now Indonesia, with intermediate postings back in Belgium. While living abroad she took the opportunity to learn languages (she is fluent in four and enthusiastic beginner in two more) and, mainly, to learn coaching skills. Those new competencies gave her career a whole new orientation. She obtained her New York University certification in coaching and she pursued her trainings ever since, last in the row being her training in Mediation with Belgian pioneer Diana Evers. She started working for social profit organisations, like the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation USA and since 2008 has created her own coaching company, in the business (Coaching4Talent) and non-profit sector (SAMMAN). Amongst her clients are McKinsey, Action for Teens, Int’l Movement of Mothers (Paris), Belgian National Federation of Notaries, GDF Suez Paris. With her methods of Process Communication (a tool to enhance collaboration and co-work), Transactional Analysis and coaching and mediation, she focuses mainly on leadership coaching, improving communication among teams and reaching common goals. Her strengths are:  Conceive and implement change management; Elaborate Identity and strategic planning for social profits Improve potential of leaders and management teams and build team spirit and enhance workplace relationships in order to improve efficiency, with accent on communication; Stress management, assertiveness trainings, change, i.e. through tailored workshops; Introduce and use mediation skills when needed.