Free Workshop

Cynthia Irmer

Independent Consultant
Reframing the Social Narrative on Violence

Paul Randolph

A member of The Board of the UK Civil Mediation Council the UK Bar Council ADR Committee Chair of the Tutu Foundation UK Mediation Service Board of the Slynn Foundation EMNI
Applying Psychology to Asian Pacific Dispute Resolution

Moira Jenkins

Lecturer at University of Adelaide
Mediating Workplace Bullying Complaints... Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Hugh Thompson

Accredited national mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Borderlands
Approaches to Mediation, Peace Building and Restorative Justice in Community Mediation

Sibylle Ouwerx

Leadership Coaching in Social Profit Organisations
Process Communication Model and Mediation

Diana Evers

Development Oriented Mediation

Mary Ellen Doyle

MA Mediation and Conflict Intervention, National University of Ireland
Managing Workplace Behaviours.

Pia Deleuran

Attorney and Mediator
Ideas how to Convince Lawyers and Others that Knowledge of Mediation is Part of the Toolbox in the Future – Inspirations from Copenhagen, Denmark