Thomas G.Giglione

Convener of 8th APMF Conference and Member of Executive Committee of APMF

Thomas G. Giglione is the official convener for the 8th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Conference and is on the executive committee of the APMF. Thomas is also a guest lecturer at Hanoi Law University teaching 4th-year law students negotiation and lawyering skills that are majoring in International Trade and Business Law.

He has over 20 years of working experience as a mediation trainer, commercial mediator and institutional arbitrator. Thomas G. Giglione is an accomplished dispute resolution professional who has mediated in a wide range of commercial cases including class action matters, primarily employment, construction, regulatory, consumer, general contract and business disputes as court appointed Roster mediator for the Supreme Court of Ontario, Canada. He offers online mediation services for the Virtual Courthouse and at Mediation Solutions.

Thomas has been a guest lecturer at the Judicial Academy of Vietnam and has provided mediation training at the Judicial Academy and also for legal officers at the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam.

Thomas was invited to Vietnam in 2015 to give training to the lecturers of the Judicial Academy. The Vice Director of the Judicial Academy Dr. Doc Hong Ha stated that “We do appreciate your contribution and capacity of our trainer/lawyers regarding mediation skills.” The feedback was extremely positive and the success of your training was so obvious”.  Becoming aware of the potentials of his policy allows you to start experiencing the inner sense of realizing how he organize and deliver public presentations about mediation to different organizations.

Thomas holds a Canadian Arbitration Certificate while serving as an institutional arbitrator. He was recently invited to a mediation conference in October 2016 by the THAC (Thailand Arbitration Center) and the World Mediation Organization where he holds the position on the Advisory to speak about the court annexed mediation system in Toronto Canada and hybrid models of arbitration such as the ARB-MED-ARB protocol that has been recently been implemented at SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Center).

Thomas presents an engaging and pro-participative workshop-style on world-class topic relevant to the audience. His audience is “tuned-in” to his proven negotiation techniques and they quickly discover that a WIN-WIN result is achievable. Naturally, you’ll find more than enough reasons to go ahead today as the most reliable mediation professional that would suit your needs is within your reach.

Thomas Giglione’s credentials and contributions include becoming one of the founding members and Chairman of Upper Canada Dispute Resolution back in 1997. The past, Chair Peter Baker says, “Tom provides excellent instruction and is sensitive to the learning needs of new practitioners.”

Thomas’s knowledge in mediation is astounding and his presentation on ARB-MED-ARB clearly emphasizes the necessity for the two-ADR process to merge to further extend the benefits of mediation from local to global mediation. “The Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) would like to express our sincere gratitude for his enlightenment on how mediation could settle cross-border disputes, the necessity mechanism for an amicable dispute settlement in today’s globalization. Thank you for sharing with us.”

Thomas’ session on the ARB-MED-ARB concept was both thought provoking and visionary as I am now convinced more than before that the insertion of ARB-MED-ARB hybrid clause in contractual agreements or MOUs is necessary.  Thomas’ articulated perfectly the need to include mediators in a unified and consistent ARB-MED- ARB protocol that includes mediation, at all arbitration centers in SE Asia. And I stand by his vision.

His presentation and speech at the WMO Symposium hosted by THAC (Thailand Arbitration Center) in Bangkok made me a believer that if arbitration is our “best ticket” into the commercial sphere, then we must take it. I believe that Thomas’s presentation was the clear “winner because his proactive approach to integrating mediation into the legal process. It was very informative and thoughtful as he introduced a practical approach of making mediation a part of the arbitration protocol by educating the legal community through the cooperation of all arbitration centers in Asia, of the importance of inserting the ARB- MED- ARB clause for all commercial contracts.