Wirdya Ningsih

Sulh, Deliberation and Mediation as Efforts to Settle Sharia Economic Dispute in Indonesia

Education: 1992: Bachelor, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, 2002:     Post Graduate, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. Present: Candidate of Doctor at Faculty of Law University of Indonesia with dissertation topic: “Ishlah as Alternative Dispute Resolution at Islamic Banking”

Office Address: Faculty of Law, Univeristy Indonesia Depok 16424

Telephone and Fax Office: 021-7270003 and 021 727 0052

Occupation: Lecturer Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (1994 – present) with subject: Islamic Law, Islamic Civil Law, Civil Prosedural Religion Court, Islamic Economic Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Islamic Contract Law, Islamic Banking Law.

Research: Realizing the Government based on the Rule of Law (Team Cooperation with the Government of DKI Jakarta) (1994) Legal Status of Marriage on Mystical Beliefs(1994) Polygamy in Depok Society (1997) Legal Status of Women in Marriage is not recorded (1998) Legal protection against Street Children (2000) Islamic Contract Law at Islamic Banking Institutions (2001) Sharia Banking (Team, Cooperation with Bank Indonesia) (2003) Dispute Resolution at the Institute of Islamic Economics (2006) Dispute Resolution of Absolute Competence in Islamic Banking: an Analysis of these rulings on Islamic Banking, 2013) A mindset towards codification of Islamic contract law in Indonesia in order to anticipate the development of Islamic economics in the era of globalization, 2013) Books: Banks and Insurance Islam in Indonesia (2005). Islamic Contract Law in Indonesia (2005). Islamic Law: Zakat and Waqf (2005).

Professional Experience: 1. Vice Dean for Human Resource, Ventura and GA (2014- Now), Members of the Election Supervisory Board (2008 – 2012) 2.    Certified Mediator from MA-IICT (2005) 3.    As a guest speaker at events related to Islamic law, election, mediation training